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mga010mga010 Posts: 4
After I got it to run now, I find the Gear VR a bit disappointing. The device itself is okay, but the apps on the store are not. I am surprised about the sloppy maintenance of the store.

Some examples? I was looking for something like Streetview. After the Youtopia VR seems to be gone, the closes thing is Visio VR. But it does not work. It claims that I have no Internet connection which is not true. Most likely, the servers are down. Then I tried Art VR which is a 512MB download. After the installation, it tells me that it needs Internet Services which are not available on my phone (a Galaxy S8). Another disappointment was viewing my Cardboard images with the Gallery VR which can only be displayed undistorted at 180° even though they are 360°.

These setbacks do not encourage me to buy any apps. Most of them have quite a few negative comments anyways.


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