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HELP for encoding VR180 video. Looking for EXPERT users

sergio.amateissergio.amateis Posts: 8
My problem is simple: I own an INSTA360 EVO, I record in VR180 (5760x2880, 30fps, 120Mb/s), and I want to watch these video on my Oculus Go in the best possible quality. These files have .insv extension. I can play these files directly in GO using INSTA360 app. But Oculus GO can not stand this resolution/bitrate. So you have jerky video, artifacts, blockiness, etc.

The standard software for converting INSV to MP4 is Insta360 Studio. This allow only to set resolution and bitrate. No other parameters. But I can do more sophisticated compression using Premiere PRO or FFMPEG alone.

I have read this article by Eric Cheng:

This article seems to give precise and perfect indications for my problem, in reality the indications that I have found (and followed) are perfectly useless. Encoding a video with the suggested parameters produces anyway a jerky video with various artifacts here and there. Please not that *all* the produced video are *correct*, they play fine in a PC with enough power. So the artifacts are simply produced from Oculus GO when the video is too heavy for it.

I Have done a lot of tests, with all the encoders, and focusing on a 5120x2560 resolution (as suggested by the article) and changing bitrate. For playing in the GO, I use Oculus Video, or Skybox, or Play'a. The results are identical. The artifacts appear in the same moments.

A really strange thing is this: some video (for example a 5120x2560, 60Mb/s simply encoded with Insta360 Studio) is jerky if I play it from the Oculus Go internal memory, but plays PERFECT if I read it with Wifi/LAN from my PC on a SMB Share. This is really weird and someone at Oculus should check what's goin' on. (Or I have faulty memory??)

So I am looking for help, from someone that really works with these things, that own an Oculus Go and is encoding 3D 180 VR videos for it !!

Anyone ? 


  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 2,591 Valuable Player
    Maybe you need to go to the Oculus Developer Forum.

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  • sergio.amateissergio.amateis Posts: 8
    Oculus users with an Insta360 EVO may be everywhere....
    or not ?  :#
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