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Oculus Quest - Beat saber crashing - Anyone else ?

VhenzorVhenzor Posts: 8
Beat saber crashing every 30min or so, seem to crash only in the songs selection menu. The screen freeze for a couple seconds, then i get a black screen and must reset the quest by holding the power button.

Tryed a factory reset + reinstall beat saber, still crashing.

Anyone else ?


  • is2scoobyis2scooby Posts: 2
    I'm having a crashing issue, but it's happening during gameplay.  Just started last night for me.  Power cycle and standard reset didn't help.  I haven't done a factory reset yet.
  • Games001Games001 Posts: 9
    Crashes about every 30-40 mins for me.  Game starts to stutter, freeze, sound goes into a short loop then the whole Oculus Quest reboots some times.
  • dscptdscpt Posts: 1
    edited February 13
    Yes, me too. Random hanging on the song selection and preview screen, corrupted graphics, loss of controller tracking and total loss of headset tracking or black screen. Can't quit the app and have to hold power to force a reboot. Happens after 30-60 minutes of game play, but is difficult to tell if it's an overheating/throttling issue or if it's a code issue / memory leak type thing.
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