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Oculus Quest Unity loading scene issue

alivenowalivenow Posts: 2 Oculus Start Member
edited October 2019 in Oculus Quest
I am working on the oculus quest, and facing the scene loading issue. Same issue found in Unity 2019.2.2 and 2019.2.3 versions. The following code is using, but nothing happens.
 SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync(1, LoadSceneMode.Additive);

if I use LoadSceneMode.Single redirecting to the oculus home page.


  • dcfreemandcfreeman Posts: 5
    Brain Burst
    edited December 2019
    This is still an issue even in version 12.0 of the Oculus integration. Could someone please verify that SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync(1) really does work? 
  • zijun.yin.921zijun.yin.921 Posts: 1
    I am working on Oculus Quest and Unity 2018.4.10 with Oculus integration 1.43.0. I didn't change the sample scenes but Startscene cannot work functionally. Once I click a button to switch scene, my app force quit to the home page. I guess there is problem with code SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync. Can anyone help?
  • SaaskunStudiosSaaskunStudios Posts: 5
    In my case I'm using the SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync("Scene index") with the asyncOperation.allowSceneActivation = false; 

    If I set it to true doesn't load the scene.

    Sample Code:

    AsyncOperation asyncOperation;
        private int sceneLoadingIndex;
        private bool finishLoadingScene;

        private bool loadingScene;

     private void Update()
            if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space))

                actualTime += Time.deltaTime;
                if(actualTime >= changeTime)
                    asyncOperation.allowSceneActivation = true;
                    loadingScene = false;

        public void LoadLevel(int sceneIndex)
            sceneLoadingIndex = sceneIndex;
            loadingScene = true;

        IEnumerator LoadSceneProgress()
            yield return null;

            asyncOperation = SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync(sceneLoadingIndex);
            asyncOperation.allowSceneActivation = false;

            while (!asyncOperation.isDone && !finishLoadingScene)
                Debug.Log("Loading " + asyncOperation.progress);
                if (asyncOperation.progress >= 0.9f)
                    finishLoadingScene = true;
                yield return null;

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