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Hello just a couple of questions

Hello just a couple of questions

Little bit of a noob here but-

I am planing of purchasing a Oculus Quest 128GB, once the Quest Link is released.

Question 1

Will this mobile phone be powerful enough to run the Quest app via WiFi or bluetooth?

I am new to bluetooth/WiFi and know very little.

If not can you recommend me a phone that will work but wont break the bank.

Question 2 –

How do I install games on the Quest do I buy them from the Oculus store and copy them through my pc to the headset via a cable? And how fast is the transfer speed copying games?

Question 3 –

How exactly dose the Quest App work with a mobile phone? Does it use WiFi or bluetooth or something when I am connecting to the headset to play Oculus Quest games and apps and such?

Thats my main questions If I think of any more I will add them.

Thank you for your help.


  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 862
    1. The mobile phone is only really used for initial set up process. The app runs on iOS 10 or later or Android 6.0 or later and requires WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

    2. You connect the headset itself to your WiFi router. You can either purchase games from the Oculus store from the headset itself, or from the Oculus mobile app. If purchased from the Oculus app, when you turn on your headset next the games will be queued for download. The download speed will depend on your internet speed and WiFi strength and the size of the app/game. There is the ability to ‘side load’ games and apps that are not from the Oculus library, this does require you to connect the headset to a computer and enable Developer mode. But this may not be something you’d be interested in. 

    3. The Quest app connects your Oculus account and library using WiFi and also communicates with the headset using Bluetooth.  

    Hope this helps!
  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 862
    Sorry but I missed your comment regarding waiting for the Quest link. Are you aware that the Quest link is optional, it’s so you can play games from the Rift library / Steam VR library and will require a gaming computer. The headset would need to remain connected to the computer when using the feature.
  • DigitalDayDreamDigitalDayDream Posts: 9

    Thanks for answering my questions I appreciate it

    I have a few more

    1 Is there anyway to backup my Quest games on a pc or external hard drive in case I run out of space on the headset?

    2 If I purchase a game from the App Store via my mobile after its added to the download menu in the headset. will any of this cost me phone Data chargers?

    3 With the WiFi 802.11 b/g/n. Required for phone

    Does my router need the same bandwidth to transfer games to the headset via WiFi

    because I can do WiFi with 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz using a 4G router

    4 Do I need my headset connected to WiFi all the time to play games Ive already downloaded? or Just for transferring games and such?

    5 Also can I use games on the quest with out needing the mobile App/bluetooth turned on?

    If not how much data dose the App use say In a full hour gaming session?

    If I do need bluetooth whats the average range? That you have experienced Like 3-5 meters or more?

    Thanks Again.

  • DigitalDayDreamDigitalDayDream Posts: 9

    Can anyone answer these questions please?

    It will be very helpful.

  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,926 Volunteer Moderator
    1. You can connect the headset to the PC and transfer files, but I’m not sure how well it works to backup and restore apps. 

    2.  Games download directly on the headset over wifi, not through your phone. 

    3.  2.4 or 5.0 GHz is fine for downloading on the headset. 

    4.  It depends on the game. Obviously if it’s multiplayer, it will need internet. Many games will connect to the internet for things like leaderboards, but they’ll continue to work if there’s no wifi connection. 

    5.  You don’t need the phone app constantly connected to the headset. It’s mainly needed for initial setup, to link your Oculus account to the headset. After that, you can optionally use the app to browse the store, but you can also do that directly in the headset. 
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  • DigitalDayDreamDigitalDayDream Posts: 9

    Thank you very much!

    You just convinced me... I am buying a Quest. B)

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