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Oculus Go Gallery Suggestions Oct-2019

DanSchmittDanSchmitt Posts: 19
Dear developers,

about a year ago I suggested improvements to the Oculus Go Gallery app and I am very thankful to report that most of them have been implemented since. Source:

Some time has passed and I would like to ask the developers again for better support of Oculus Gallery on the Go. Using Oculus Gallery together with friends is my number 1 social VR activity. Please consider the following topics:
  • Communicating in Oculus Gallery with someone in Go and in Quest did not work well. Avatars were not showing correctly. Would be great to have an automatic fallback on Quest to 3DOF and to make it at least as usable as it is betwen two Go devices (status: June 2019, didn't check since)
  • Insta360 EVO is becoming a popular choice for VR180 videos. Their file formats are in .insp for pictures and .insv for videos. They can be converted through Insta360 Studio, but the extra step seems like unnecessary friction. It would be great to have native insp/insv support in Oculus Gallery.
  • When converting a [email protected] video from Insta360 into H.264 or H.265 and playing it back on the Go, it always stutters at very few fps. 4K works.
  • When watching shared pictures through Dropbox, the files are NOT sorted by date or name. If I manually drop them into the dropbox folder, like one after another with a few seconds of pause, it will take it in this order. If I just copy a folder full of images, Dropbox seems to index them in some random order and they show up in a random order in Oculus Gallery. I would like them to be sorted by filename or date.
  • Watching shared videos (e.g. from Dropbox) together in Oculus Gallery is very painful. It seems not to be synchronous on both sides. If I hit the pause button, the other person might have a different paused frame. Also, it stutters often, which is probably related to loading times and too low bandwidth. I would like to have the option of having a dialog that tells me that I can either play right away and risk stuttering, or we can all wait 1-2 minutes until all parties have the full video downloaded and then play it together.
  • Sadly, overheating happens at my device after about 45 minutes of sharing pictures in Gallery. When it does, I will lose my presenter rights, even though I am usually back in fullscreen mode within 20 seconds. It would be good to give some timeout cadence for this to not have to start presenting all over again. Also, the overheating message seems to come twice within 10 seconds. One time would be enough :)
  • At least at an older state, if VR180 images were viewed over a Windows Samba share, they were only shown in monoscopic view. Would need to verify if this is still the case with the latest versions.
  • Dropbox is cool, but now that they only support up to 3 devices in their free version, people might go to alternative cloud space. It would be great to have NextCloud and OwnCloud support as well.
Keep up the great work! Thanks!

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