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Does the 'screen sharing' feature on Oculus TV even work??!

peanutismintpeanutismint Posts: 7
Brain Burst
I'm in a party with a friend, both wearing Oculus Go headsets, both launched into Oculus TV. We can hear each other over the speakers and the dialog says "your screen is now being shared with your party so they can see what you are watching" but this simply isn't true. I can see the videos I'm watching but only on certain apps (like FoxNow) and even in those apps that are compatible my friend is unable to view what I'm seeing on my screen, instead he's just left staring at the selection of available apps.

Am I missing something? Does this functionality even work? All I want to do is watch Hulu or something with him but thanks to Rooms being depreciated later in October soon we won't even be able to do that....

How does screen sharing of media apps actually work on Oculus Go TV app?
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