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Play Xbox games

5p1ke5p1ke Posts: 1
Hey, just looking for a headset to play games on in movie mode not VR.
Don't want to stream xbox-PC-Oculus because of delay/tecnical/location issues.
If i get a HDMI-Micro USB cable and plug it into XBOX-Oculus GO, will i get audio + Visual feed?
If so will it be to the same level quality as the HDMI output?


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 998
    not possible. go is an android device and in no way compatible with an xbox in the way you're describing
  • Ragin666Ragin666 Posts: 9
    It is not possible, because Microsoft never released the XBox App for GearVR/Go/Quest.
    For the Rift, they added the VR mode and it is/was possible to play games on a big screen.

    A port of this feature to Go/Quest is one of my most wanted feature too ;).
    Currently, it only works with Streaming from XB1 -> PC -> Go/Quest, which means, that you will create a lot of latency.
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