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Issue on every boot up - Oculus Software requires restart

I've had my Rift S for about a week now and I have this issue that happens everyday when I boot the PC up.
PC boots up, Oculus software starts and there is a blue dot beside devices. When you click on it it says the Rift S is Active but there is a red dot with an X in it.
When you click that it says the headset is active but the Oculus software requires a restart. You can restart it a dozen time but it still says the same thing.
I haven't really found a pattern to fixing it. Sometimes unplugging USB and Displayport fixes it. sometime not. Sometimes unplugging and rebooting then plugging them in works. No real pattern other than about 20 minutes a day trying to get things running. Very annoying pulling PC out to do all this. When it works, its works great.
Was doing it with 1.41 and today got the 1.42 update and same issues. Running latest Geforce drivers for my GTX 1070. Latest USB/motherboard drivers installed as well. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • mikedemers68mikedemers68 Posts: 2
    well I inadvertently fixed this issue. During one of my daily unplugging sessions I accidentally plugged the oculus into a USB 3.1 port and now 2 days in a row, no issues on boot up. I did send my logs to support and they responded and although it shouldn't matter if its a USB 3.0 or 3.1 port, the drivers are different. The 3.0 are Intel and the 3.1 are ASMedia. 
  • JozhxyJozhxy Posts: 3
    I have the same issue too, and replug in the USB is the current solution for me, all my USB ports are 3.1 Gen1. :disappointed:

    Restart PC, Oculus software
    Disable USB suspend
    Manual start, stop / restart Oculus service
    Reinstall USB drivers
    Re-setup Rift S
    Manual uninstall (safe mode etc.) and reinstall Oculus software
    Beta update 1.42
    Stop Steam and Oculus service on boot up

    Can you share your driver version & date for both of the USB port?
    Maybe I could try different driver version :confused:
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