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Oculus Rift vs Oculus Quest

srlake314srlake314 Posts: 2
So after a great demo at Best Buy, I had some questions.  I work in Unreal Engine, for various productions and have some questions.  I love the non-wired all inclusive potential of the Quest, however, with working in production, would it be better for me to use Rift since it's driven by an external computer?  I was told that there was going to be a connection to the Quest so that I could still use an external, but I wanted to be sure.  How would that work?  Upload from the pc then detach and run?  


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,925 Volunteer Moderator
    Oculus Link will allow you to use the Quest as a tethered PCVR headset, once it releases in November. You’ll plug in the cable, and the Rift PC software will recognize the Quest as a Rift-equivalent headset. 
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  • KNP54KNP54 Posts: 292
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    From what I've heard, when the link cable is plugged into the Quest headset, you're basically bypassing the "smartphone" and displaying VR directly from the PC's graphic card. It's going to require I think a USB-C port on your motherboard or on the GPU. So you can develop in Unreal and try your game directly from the PC (no need to upload to the headset) But if you want your game to be quest compatible (running stand alone) the you would need to upload the apk to the headset first.
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  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 16,354 Valuable Player

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