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Weird Flashing Light and no display port connection

plvealsplveals Posts: 2

Hello i have getting a weird error on my rift S where the Indicatior Light is flashing and not connecting display port i have looked this up on the oculus forums and other forums it did say most of them got it replaced. I dont know if this helps but here is a video of the LED indicator and my logs.
[wasnt letting me upload the vid so i put it in a giphy]


    • LMLucianoLMLuciano Posts: 2
      You're not alone. Many others have the same issue. I've had this problem for about a week now. I've opened a ticket with Oculus and jumped through every hoop they asked me to. Still not working. I have the same flashing light as you and no display port detection. Last contact with them was last night. They said they need to look into it further and will get back to me ASAP. All I have now is a $400.00 paperweight. Hope they can resolve it soon.
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