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Buying Gear VR, GO and quest games

justmetoojustmetoo Posts: 12
Brain Burst
Okay I still don't understand..  I have all 3 devices.     If I go to the store and buy one on My Gear VR or GO  is it the available for install on all 3 devices??......    Some on here say go to the library on your Quest and at the top of Library there is a drop down menu for the different devices  I do not have such a menu..   So At this point I am totally Lost as to how to proceed...


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,922 Volunteer Moderator
    edited October 2019
    It depends on the game. There are two lists here.  The first list is Go games that are compatible with Quest’s Go emulation mode. If you own any of these games, they will be available in your library (in the headset) through the dropdown menu at the top of the left-side panel. That option will only be there if you own any game on the “compatible apps” list. 

    The second list is Go games that are eligible for free upgrade to the Quest version. If you owned any of these Go games before September 25th, you should be able to claim the Quest version for free from the store. If it’s a Rift/Quest cross-buy game, you will also be able to claim the Rift version after you claim the Quest version.

    The free upgrade games won’t just show up in your library, you have to go to the store page for each game—it should show the price as “free” and you can claim it by clicking that. 
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