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Moved games and reinstalled on D. But location is not finding the games.

rnelson2000rnelson2000 Posts: 2
I successfully installed Oculus on D. I thought I had moved the games over successfully too, however, I might have followed OLD info on YouTube.
Now, I have Oculus open and try to start or update a game and get this message:  Error Occurred. The location path is not available. Please go to Settings > General > Library Locations to select a new path.

The folder that its reading from contains the software already.  
I have core data

oculus icon
oculus set up

Should I have the Redistributables folder?  I have tried putting in there and removing it both and still no recognition.
I do not want to have to reinstall for the 4th time in a year, all my games.
I wish there was better help to get this set up.  The UI for Oculus system is not user friendly.  The error messages should point you the help link directly.  

Also my D is Simple NTFS.  

What is missing from my steps or folder? 
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