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Can't accept any friends in oculus home

LoneEchoLoneEcho Posts: 70
Hiro Protagonist
edited October 2019 in Support
Let me make this perfectly clear, Facebook...i do NOT want to use your antisocial / private data selling network. So i was happy that i can use oculus by creating an oculus account. And just now i talked to some person in his Oculus home. He sent me a friend request. And guess what? When i click on accept, another window opens and i can either cancel accepting his friend request, OR i can click on "link accounts." Which requires me to take off freakin headset and accept friend request on Facebook. W..T..F???
So i can't have any friends in VR because i must use your antisocial network? I had FB account before and i happily deleted it. Who the F thought that it was a good idea to force people this way to create FB accounts? And even if i did  STILL have a FB account, do you really think everyone wants to automatically have every person they meet online as friends on FB? The more i use this headset, the less i like it.
Edit: i see you CAN accept friend requests in desktop app. But in VR, it asks you to link FB accounts.
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