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Oculus left eye disfunction tripping hard. I'm desperate for any clue.

ZiassanZiassan Posts: 1

Since 2 days I have a very weird disfunction in my Oculus. I crawled the web since then with not a single result being similar. Here is how it looks "inside" the left eye :

Obviously I tried with different cables, replugged cables, changed port, restarted many things, to no avail.

Symptoms :

First thing to notice, this buggy left eye is on by itself. As soon as I start the oculus service/software, it lights up to show the picture above, while the other eye is still off as it should be :

If I just plug the device without starting oculus service/software, the light is orange and no eye is light up, as expected :

I noticed there is some sort of rainbow reflection on the faulty eye, and never on the good one :

Ideas :

I'm decently tech savy, however I'm not very knowledgeable about the insides of an Oculus.

I thought it may be a problem with the lens at first, but it may be more somewhere under it. I doubt I can make the warranty works at all, so I thought I could maybe unscrew the whole thing and try to see if something is wrong under there. I could also try to replace the lens but I can't find any spare lens being sold (I'm in France).

I'm a bit desperate at this point, and I'd welcome any help.


  • parsecnparsecn Posts: 131
    I would reach out to Oculus support first, to be certain that the HMD is definitely not under warranty - you should have two years in the EU. If it's out of warranty and you are game, there are tear-down tutorials and videos which should make your life easier:

    Also, Oculus support might have seen this fault before and can advise. YMMV with response time and depth of knowledge but it's certainly worth asking what support thinks before tearing the thing down. Similar

  • NetheriNetheri Posts: 400
    edited October 2019
    I had something similar with my set about an year a go. Leave Oculus desktop app on and leave the HMD just be for at least for an hour (or less,  if the problem goes away before that). This fixes it, if it's an Oculus server problem regarding the HMD's check from the servers. 
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