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Cant download Dirt Rally 2

MrBitsyMrBitsy Posts: 1
I get a counter going from 0 to 100 percent.
The download starts.
Download stops at about 10Gb with a message 'cant download app'
Restart the download - starts at 4Gb!
At some random point it stops downloading as above.
Each time I restart, it starts at  4Gb.

Using up my EE allowance very quickly.  Been trying to download for a week!


  • blanesblanes Posts: 1,100
    Seriously best advice is to stop trying and immediately cancel & refund the Oculus version.  The steam VR version now has the Oculus SDK added since last week and works great.  Also you can buy the season passes for Steam version which you cannot yet for Oculus and nobody knows when.  You can find great deals on the Steam version, I got my deluxe version 50% off with the season one pass. So it was half the cost of the standard Oculus version. Recently they had a 60% off sale and Humble also had some deal. There will be surely more deals end of October too.

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