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Extremely pixely, moving images when viewing high res photos through browser

jason.loxtonjason.loxton Posts: 2
I just activated a new Go (I had one previously but it go stolen). I have an Insta360 One X and have been posting images on Kuula and viewing with no issues. I tried viewing images for a higher resolution camera (Xphase Pro) I am thinking of buying and they look like absolute garbage. The pixels are all moving around within the image, almost like the 'ants' on the screen in old TVs (except with the actual content being displayed). Tried viewing 360 photos images through both Kuula and Veer (both via browser) and found effect on both. Is there a setting I need to tweak or is this just an issue with how the Go renders high res images through WebVR? Pretty bummed, as I am hoping to use the Go for a teaching project I am working on (I work at a university), but need to be able to display high res images. Ideas?
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