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Keeps loosing connection/ display port/ usb

EzPzJonezyEzPzJonezy Posts: 1
Just got my Rift S 2 days ago and ive had nothing but problems, every time I turn off my computer from using it for awhile and go to turn it back on it says oh software update or display port cannot be found? but I was just using it fine for hours??? sometimes I just usb/display port hop till it connects again but ive been doing that for the past hour and nothing it changing


  • JeanS1972JeanS1972 Posts: 2
    I have same problems with Rift S - Display Port connection is usually lost after few seconds, and also sometimes USB 3.0 connection is lost.
    Setup is Asus Zenith Extreme - TR1950X + MSI GTX 1080 + 32GB RAM. This display adapter has three Display Ports and issue is same with all of them. I have disabled USB power saving. Also NVidia drivers are latest one. I made also fresh Windows 10 reinstall, but it did not help (not due VR issues).
    Also several USB 3.0 ports tried (Zenith Extreme will have plenty of them). Also sensor checking fails often, Oculus SW ask to reconnect USB.

    However, with my other PC Oculus Rift S works fine (Intel I5-7400 + GTX1650 + 8GB RAM), but it is a bit underpowered (Oculus SW warns about it)
  • JeanS1972JeanS1972 Posts: 2
    Hi, I found information that USB ports with Asmedia controller won't work with Rift S. I found USB port from my computer that is not Asmedia, and now Rift S works fine. Check from Device Manager woth USB controller is in your PC.
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