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Can't generate .txt file to Oculus Go Filepaths

ApVitberg5ApVitberg5 Posts: 6
Hello everyone.  My dev team and I have settled on a method for logging user events in our game. But while we can get the Event Logger to generate a file in our Assets/Resources path, we just cannot get the file to generate one on the Oculus Go. From our game engine's event script (C#), we have:

string _directoryPath = "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/sdcard/";
#elif UNITY_EDITOR string _directoryPath = "Assets/Resources";
private string fileName = "TestFile.txt";

We have it so that every time and event is logged, it is supposed to log the event to an Event Log every time the trigger button is pressed (we plan on changing it to instead happen when an event is triggered). What we have our Player settings configured so that the build can write to the external SD card. We have also configured our Android manifest.xml to have Read/Write permissions enabled. We have also tried different filepaths (mnt/sdcard, etc.) but we can never find the file. it seems that Oculus is not generating it at all. Is there something that we are overlooking?
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