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Error: GraphQL server responded with error 1675030: Error performing query.

Hello everybody,
Since the game Asgard's Wrath convinced me very much, I wanted to buy it myself. Unfortunately I get the same error message on all devices I've tried to buy the game: "GraphQL server responded with error 1675030: Error performing query." Even after a long wait is no improvement in sight. Have no idea what I could do, have tried everything ... Does anyone have a solution or an idea how I can fix the problem? Would be glad if I could play the game on time to release. I thank you all.


  • BossLPBossLP Posts: 2
    Sorry, this post should be in another category... :Games and Apps or Support

  • VyndrasVyndras Posts: 1
    Were you able to find a fix to this problem? Having the same issue with stormland!
  • WilrocWilroc Posts: 5
    I've got the problem with Stormlands, too. 

  • Bam1500Bam1500 Posts: 1
    I am also hitting this error for Stormlands. I had the game pre-ordered last week, and my bank account shows the pending purchase, but then I receieved an email yesterday stating my payment option cannot be processed and any further attempt to purchase Stormlands, prompts me with this error. 

    I was, however, able to purchase a different game from the store with the same payment option, no problem. 
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