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RIft S issues with Guardian System

noises1990noises1990 Posts: 1
Hello ladies and gents, i just recently got the Rift S device and started using it at home. For the first days it was super fine, loved it.
But, since last night I started having some issues with it as in (i don't know if there was an update rolled out or not):
- The guardian system seems to reset every time I take the headset off and I always have to do it again and again and again
- While doing the guardian system set-up I have issues setting the floor height. First time after installation it worked beautifully, now it doesn't stick to the floor anymore and when I straighten back up the floor level goes up.
- Sometimes during usage, it just disconnects and informs about an error with the Guardian System and I have to set it again

Does anyone else experience this? Is there a fix or something I can do about it?


  • Delvaux3Delvaux3 Posts: 1
    Same problem here with three units of Rift S... We have same light every time and furniture was never moved.
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