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Oculus Rift fell now has colorful lines

W0lkW0lk Posts: 1
I dropped my rift about 3 feet and now it has colorful lines on the far left side of the left lens. It still takes up most of the lens. I would hope that this is just a software problem since this thing was $400 and should be pretty durable. 


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,623 Volunteer Moderator
    edited October 2019
    How would dropping it cause a software problem? If you’re lucky, the cable got knocked a bit loose. Try detaching the cable from the headset and reseating it. If you’re unlucky, you may have damaged the LCD or the internal wiring to it. If that’s the case, there won’t be much you can do, except file a support ticket and hope that Oculus will help you out. 
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  • parsecnparsecn Posts: 125
    3DaveyD said:
    I dropped my rift about 3 feet and  hope that this is just a software problem 
    Definitely hardware. If it's out of warranty, you can try reseating the ribbon cables to left lens from step 7 here:

    If lucky, one of the 3 ribbon cables would've just loosened or popped off. 

    Absolutely check with support first and only attempt if you are competent 

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