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Buying Asgards Wrath

ChunkybabbitChunkybabbit Posts: 3
I appear to have a problem with the store. Trying to buy Asgards Wrath, firstly I can't do so in the PC app, it sends me to the web page to purchase.
At the web page store, I've pressed buy, put my pin in, clicked purchase, and it just sits there with purchase greyed out and not doing anything else. Is this a problem my end or with the store? I see lots of other people have managed to buy the game, and reddit doesn't appear to mention anything wrong outside of some preorder problems earlier


  • ChunkybabbitChunkybabbit Posts: 3
    Actually it seems I can't use the store at all. I just tried with a purchase of Vader immortal and the same thing happens. Everything looks to be ok otherwise; profile, payment methods are there etc. Just can't buy anything.
  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 6,563 Valuable Player
    Try the Oculus phone app - and be patient if the phone app loads for a long time - worked for me (Android). 
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  • ChunkybabbitChunkybabbit Posts: 3
    It seems to be something to do with payment method. I've managed to buy the game by adding paypal to my account and buying from the store within the headset. But my son's account is now behaving in the exact same way and he's getting the message 'unable to add payment method. This is not shared on the same PC or anything. His is a totally different machine. Anyone know what's going on with this? neither of us are new to Oculus. Everything has been fine till now.
    Done a reinstall of Oculus software and everything else seems to be fine. Just purchases are a no no.
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