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Can Google Stadia stream games on the Go and the Quest via the Chromium based browser or YouTube?

victor.delmastro.5victor.delmastro.5 Posts: 11
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I've noticed that The Go and the Quest already rely on the Google products Android/Chromium/YouTube.

Stadia should be able to stream directly to the Go and the Quest headsets. 

Does anyone at Oculus have an answer to this question? Or, do we have to wait until Stadia is released in November to find out for sure?


  • RonEyalRonEyal Posts: 45
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    I like the way you think, I'm not sure but it probably not going to be officially from google but maybe you will able to do so from a virtual desktop or somewhere else.
    We will wait and see
  • victor.delmastro.5victor.delmastro.5 Posts: 11
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    We'll know soon enough. IMHO: Oculus should allow Stadia to stream to it's devices, even at a modest 720p 60fps, with some caveats. I think using a virtual desktop to stream Stadia from your PC to the Quest headset is important because of VR sickness issues. You need that frame and foreground info graphics to mitigate VR sickness. I've seen someone play a 3D re-rendered AAA game in Bigscreen, and it looked pretty good. But, I would prefer a direct stream from Stadia to the Quest regardless.
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