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Beat saber not updating: oculus quest

SheerChair11SheerChair11 Posts: 9
so my beat saber won't update. well, it sort of does, but then it gets stuck in the installing phase. I don't know if it takes like 30 minutes to install or something, but I've let it run for maybe 5 minutes. its been like this since the OST3 Update, which I was unable to install, and now the panic at the disco. Is this because I use sidequest and beat on? someone please help.


  • SheerChair11SheerChair11 Posts: 9
    pls help
  • tazdavid1tazdavid1 Posts: 3
    All I can tell you is that I have sidequest and had Beat On, but had to disable it and uninstall Beat Saber from sidequest to be able to install the latest version of Beat Saber at the time. The latest version of Beat Saber was hard to update. It was having the trouble you had. It didn't seem to fully install the update. What I did was uninstall Beat Saber and then reinstall whatever the latest version was at the time and it was with the panic at the disco songs. I did have some intermittent problems with my wifi going out, so that might have been an issue too.
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