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Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition won't login

juanjorgearjuanjorgear Posts: 2
I purchased the game Elite Dangerous, it was very expensive at $60 and the most annoying to get to play !! When I start it I am asked to login to Frontier's website first, so I am forced to create an account there, and when I created the account.  I launch the game from Oculus, it says I must login again, then I go and login with the new account that I created and it says that I must purchase the game.  What am I doing wrong?  I opened a ticket with the frontier guys, but there must be a way to buy a game and get it work without having to go thru all this ordeal, it's very disappointing.


  • AngryKFPAngryKFP Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    It's a pain trying to work out which hoops to jump through to get it working, is there anything showing in your downloadable products page on your frontier account page? Also, you did use the same email address for both accounts yes?
  • juanjorgearjuanjorgear Posts: 2
    In the frontier page it doesn't show I have any downloadable content and I created the Frontier account using the same email I use in my oculus account. Thank you for asking.  If I don't get an answer before a couple of days I am afraid I will have to ask for a refund.
  • AngryKFPAngryKFP Posts: 26
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    To be honest, it's probably best to get a refund anyway, the game is on sale all the time via steam/humble bundle or frontiers own website and they'll all work with the rift happily.  If you buy it direct from frontier there will be no additional steps required to get it working either as it's all the one account.
  • picklepie11picklepie11 Posts: 1
    Any luck is getting this fixed? I purchased Elite Dangerous and having the same issue.
  • FrontierSupportFrontierSupport Posts: 121 Oculus Partner
    Hey all.
    There's currently an issue with the package on sale in the Home store.
    If you have a copy that you've yet to refund, we'll happily get this up and running for you if you raise a support ticket with us!
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