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Beat Saber vibration issues, Ryzen 3700X

Aleks976Aleks976 Posts: 2
I have tried everything:

  • Reinstalling Oculus Software
  • Reinstalling Windows 10
  • Changing USB ports to any possible configuration imaginable
  • Using only one sensor
  • Updating all chipset drivers, motherboard bios, etc
  • Trying it on a laptop, which had normal working vibration
I still have the issue of vibration being delayed or completely missing when both controllers vibrate at the same time, depending on which ports I plug everything into.

I have seen others on this forum with similar issues and some have solved it by using a PCIE usb card, but I dont have that option as my motherboard is mini-itx.

I have the Asus ROG Strix x470-i, 32GB of RAM and a 750W PSU.

Any information on whether this is a software or hardware problem, and what can be done to fix this would be much appreciated.


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