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problemi usb 3.0

hello everyone, I've purchased Oculus rift s for 2 weeks, but I have problems with USB 3.0, unfortunately I have a dated motherboard (Asus p7h55m) that doesn't have usb 3.0, so I even bought two cards pci express, but with both during the configuration of the sensors a message appears that tells me that my usb is not fast enough and I can't go on, the tabs are the following
I tried with many online guides but nothing, I hope it is not the pci express port of my old motherboard too slow, does anyone have a solution or can you recommend a pci express card definitely working? if it helps, I write my hardware below, thanks in advance
asus p7h55m
xeon x3470 @ 4000ghz
8gb ram


  • spanillospanillo Posts: 3
    Purtroppo non ho rischiato a comprare altre schede ,probabilmente  le porte pci-e 1x vecchie non hanno una banda sufficente per far passare i dati della usb 3.0 , quindi ho praticamente comprato un nuovo pc , scheda madre , processore  e ram 😕 , ora tutto perfetto , riconosciuto immediatamente
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