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Vader Immortal Episode 2 Crashing

Hi everyone,

Im just writing this post to ask people if they have had Vader Immortal Episode 2 crash while playing the Lightsaber Dojo II. I'm currently playing on level 22 but can't seem to get past it (Keep restarting for elusive 3 marks).

What happens is that while i play and after a couple of retries, i suppose i'm in the game for maybe 15 mins or so, the headset freezes with the little egg timer spinning around and when i take the headset off on my computer screen i have a notice saying "An Unreal process has crashed".

I have updated my graphics card drivers and i believe i have updated the oculus software, however the problem persists. I've tried other games to see if it's a global thing across my games, but nothing else so far seems affected.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem . . or if it's just lucky me. Really loving the dojo so far though and need to get further. Ha ha.


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