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Quest and Rift Titles

JoeeyIrelanddJoeeyIrelandd Posts: 1
I have just purchased a Quest this morning and I have spent so much of my money on the Rift Store but now I've linked up my Quest its telling me I need to purchase some of these games again? Is this an issue for anybody else? I can see some games are different variations of the game I own but games like Job Simulator and Superhot VR are the same right?

will this be sorted when Oculus Link comes out but it would be nice to play the oculus games I already own on the quest


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 875
    only some games are crossbuy, this is left up to the developer
  • vargabloodvargablood Posts: 75
    Hiro Protagonist
    If you own rift games you cant play now on quest then yes, you would be able to play them again using oculus link after its release.
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