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How can I disable buttons on controllers so a friend with severe disability can play?

leaderdogleaderdog Posts: 2
I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask.

I have a friend that is quadriplegic, he has some use of his hands,  and limited vision.  I purchased a cv1 and was thinking he might be able to utilize the rift to play games for some freedom and fun, while trying to help with his hand eye coordination.

1) One problem though, is when he's in game I need to be able to make the selections.  So far some games I can do that, but I have to have the controller in my hand then try to get it back on his hand, which isn't super coorperative.  So it would be nice if I could make the selections with the mouse from the desktop.

2) It would be nice to be able to disable all buttons on the controllers that he doesn't need.  When playing Audioshield, he hits the menu button and doesn't realize it, and of course I can't see that pop up on the desktop, so basically he can't play.  If I could disable all the buttons, because you don't need any for that game, it would make it playable for him.  Games that require just a trigger to shoot, it would be great to stop all other buttons as well so he's not constantly hitting them accidentally.

Is there software already that does this?  if so please direct me in the right place.  And if not, please, oculus needs to implement something like this, people with severe disabilities could be able to use this device, just a few more functions for them needs to be created so it's playable.

Thank you.


  • hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 819
    you want a desktop side software that lets you disable buttons and take control using the mouse so you have a cooperative game 2 people play?

    i dont know of such a sw tbh, in virtual desktop if you lay the controller down you can use the mouse, which does one part of what your asking, but for disabling buttons idk what does that.

    if i were you i would pad the sides of the menu button using sticky pads so he has to push past the sticky pads to touch the menu button. you could tape over a hard shell cover you lift up to touch the menu button. which would be less intrusive than the foam sticky pads or rolled up duct tape.

  • leaderdogleaderdog Posts: 2
    Just for him to play.  I just need to be able to make the selections without having the headset on and preferably with mouse so I don't have to handle the controller to them replace it on his hand.  Tone in hands with people with brain injuries is slow moving.

    And ya for buttons it would  be a great benefit for people with disabilities.  Essentially a separate program that can remap the buttons and just leave them blank would be perfect.  one that remembers for specific games too would be amazing so you don't have to remap each time.
  • jmmiragejmmirage Posts: 5
    You could definitely do this with FreePIE but it would take a while
  • joeOTrehabjoeOTrehab Posts: 3
    Hi all,

    I have a further query on this thread.
    I work in the a rehabilitation service (spinal injury, stroke, head injury) and we would love to explore using VR and Oculus Quest as part of our therapy, including doing some research to show if it can be truly beneficial and improve peoples function.

    1) Any advice to further modify the hand controls (as above) would be very useful.

    2) Any suggestions on games that require limited hand function (I.e. point and dwell for selection/drag items - games such as jigsaw puzzles, art etc that use arms, but don't necessarily require fingers).

    3) Suggestions on games that can be played in sitting/wheelchair.

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