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Chromecast issue

OzmodiusPrimeOzmodiusPrime Posts: 1
Is anybody else having an issue where your Chromecast is not even appearing as a an option for streaming?   I have a Chromecast 3, both are on the same 5Ghz network, and it will stream stuff from my phone (Android) normally.  It'll even mirror Quest stuff that I stream to the phone, but not directly to the Chromecast.  

Any suggestions on how to get it to reappear as an option?


  • vaxyvaxy Posts: 1
    I do see chormecast on the list but does not stream
  • dj_phreakdj_phreak Posts: 2
    I'm having the same issue. We could not get Chromecast to to work at all but the Chromecast 3 and Ultra worked on a friend's very old TV which is not a smart TV. Neither  3  willnor ultra work on both Smart TVs we have in my house and one has never been connected to the network or the internet. we took both of our headsets and Chromecast devices to a friend's house to try on her Samsung Smart TV and it's the same issue. Both the Oculus headset and the Oculus app on the phone cannot see the Chromecast devices. I had the same issue at my mother's house on her TV. Ultimately we tried our units at 4 different households on seven different TVs and got it to work one time. So whatever all this hogwash is about how all these versions of Chromecast are supported that is blatantly inaccurate. Just looking at the forums and read it alone it's clear there are way too many people having problems with this issue and Oculus doesn't really seem to be addressing it. 
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