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How to play steam games on Oculus Quest

SpeckTonixSpeckTonix Posts: 5
How do I play Steam games on the Oculus Quest? I just paid $400 for this and I cant play games like blade and sorcery!


  • SpeckTonixSpeckTonix Posts: 5
    please help?
  • vargabloodvargablood Posts: 75
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited October 2019
    You need Oculus Link and a specified USB3(3.1) cable to play Steamvr or oculus pc games otb on quest, oculus link will be released somewhere in november....
    At the moment oculus quest is a standalone ARM android unit who can play only "native" build apps.
    Some 3rd party apps should be able to stream steamvr games to your quest now but experience will depend on your wifi performance and expectations...
    If you prefer to play only pc vr games try to return it and get a rift s instead.
  • A10PilotA10Pilot Posts: 9
    Hang in there a few more weeks and you can do that connected to your PC like a rift. Right now, the way to do it is to either use ALVR or Virtual Desktop (side load an update for it to work with SteamVR) and stream it to your Quest over wifi. It works fairly well if you know what you are doing with your router and can configure it correctly. It has to be 5GHz as well. I personally am very excited for the Link software update since I prefer the OLED of the Quest to the Rift series. 

  • danofthepeopledanofthepeople Posts: 1
    Damn. Too much configuring for me. Let me know when it's really ready.
  • KentobiKentobi Posts: 71
    Hiro Protagonist
    This is a old thread. Oculus Link is now in beta, and is mostly painless (IMO) to get connected to Steam through one USB cable. That cable needs to be appropriately low latency, and the PC you’re connecting to needs to be sufficiently powerful. 
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