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WolfoxWolfox Posts: 62
Hiro Protagonist
Yesterday night I left the Quest charging in sleep mode, the most reliable way I found to charge it(fast tap on the power button). There was the bolt on the battery, So I know it was charging and charge was at 30% This morning I disconnected it, wake it up with the power button and the charge was a 29%!!!!!! WTF!! Shut it Down, I have to go to work and have to put it in the luggage because I'm in a Hotel, I noticed a BUZZ coming from the charger even if t was disconnected from the wall and Quest more than 5 minutes. I sacrificed my finger and touched the two poles, but nothing, still Buzzing, then I took the USB-c and let it touch the poles, just to discharge somehow this residual power and the Buzzing stopped!!!! Seriously Oculus!!!

LINK VIDEO pump up the volume.
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