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Issue with party when launching a game - cannot hear chat

razz0srazz0s Posts: 2
Hi, I have an issue whenever in party and launching game (doesn't matter which) I cannot hear anyone from the party. Other party members can hear me fine, and can also hear themselves with no issue. It is as if running app/game taking over audio output.

If I press Oculus button and return to the home, everything returns to normal. If I resume the game, party again goes mute.

Did anyone else had this issue, and if yes, did you manage to resolve it?



  • jeltevdljeltevdl Posts: 1
    Hey i have the same problem! i've been trying to find a solution to the problem but haven't found one. Have you found any solution for it yet?
  • razz0srazz0s Posts: 2
    Unfortunately not. Raised a ticket with the Oculus support, and got reply that they are aware of the issue (so at least it's not an isolated incident) and are working to resolve it in the next software update. Kinda bummer, but I really hope they'll get it sorted out shortly.
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