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Golden Joystick Awards 2019 (VR Voting)

ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 16,375 Valuable Player
edited October 2019 in General
If you are up for some online voting, be sure to check out the Golden Joystick Awards:

The selections themselves seem a bit lacking, but it was fun to vote anyway. My vote for Best VR / AR Game went to Beat Saber (based on the current options).

My vote for Best Storytelling went to: Metro Exodus. A game I would have missed if not had been recommended so strongly on this forum.

In the category of best Game Expansion, I went with: No Man's Sky VR. For best Visual Design I voted for: 11-11. I really enjoyed that VR experience.

And lastly... the Best Gaming Hardware category puts the Oculus Quest up against the Valve Index. Looking forward to seeing the results!

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