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Intel possibly looking into buying AMD

captaintripscaptaintrips Posts: 313
edited May 2013 in Off-Topic
Yep, you heard me...

Seems to be the big thing tonight going around the web

Links and sources and info here:


  • KordaKorda Posts: 60
    Would that even be legal? Aren't there laws against holding a monopoly on something?
  • captaintripscaptaintrips Posts: 313
    AMD is not Intel's only competition.... there's IBM, Qualcomm, Motorolla, Apple (A-series), Nvidia (tesla computation), ARM, etc

    If this is true, the SEC will unlikely care.... The only argument is in the PC desktop/server field of domination, and as of late, the PC desktop market dropped while mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones skyrocketed. Market shift, and now makes intel less susceptible to monopoly considering the front is now a broader spectrum and the broader aspect (mobile) is exploding in sales. Intel is competing against a large many, and no longer just AMD head on.

    If anything, it will look favorable as the big guy is coming to rescue the little guy, and to revive business and jobs and become a better competitor in the mobile sector... because lets face it... intel nor AMD have a great hold on smartphones and tablets, where everything is booming.
  • KuraIthysKuraIthys Posts: 259
    Brain Burst
    It does seem a little weird when looked at from the PC market.

    But when it comes to processors in general, the PC market is actually tiny. (Like maybe 2-3% if that).

    ARM processors dominate the world, in point of fact. - Although that's slightly misleading since ARM itself doesn't make processors, merely licences out the design.

    There are thus dozens of companies making ARM licenced processors.

    Intel is a huge company, but surprising as it sounds, in some ways it's only really all that successful in a small niche market...

    Still, it would feel very weird for Intel to buy out AMD. (Though better GPU's for intel systems couldn't hurt. XD)
  • 320x200320x200 Posts: 125
    Hiro Protagonist
    Why would Intel want to?
  • MrGeddingsMrGeddings Posts: 604
    Korda wrote:
    Would that even be legal? Aren't there laws against holding a monopoly on something?

    Youd think so...but.
  • lordvtplordvtp Posts: 55
    Hiro Protagonist
    This may actually be to avoid issues down the line if they see AMD as truly unstable. No other company can buy AMD and preserve their x86 license, and no other company can guarantee the AMD64 license to Intel in turn if they did get sold.
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