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Oculus Rift S / PC is booting on its own after shutdown PC

Hello everybody.
I got the Rift S for Rent for 1 month to figure out whether it is a worthy upgrade to my beloved Rift CV1.
Everythings runs fine so far, but the only issue I have is that the PC is booting up again on its own once I hit shutdown. It is similar to when the PC awakes automatically out of sleep, but in this time it reboots after shutdown. It takes roundabout 1 second after the PC has shut down, then it is rebooting again.

Is this a common and known issue? Is anybody experiencing it as well?


  • Memphis291Memphis291 Posts: 3
    edited December 2019
    update on my Situation with the Rift S

    meanwhile I bought the Rift S for me. I was able to get rid of the issue by simply exchanging the devices. For some reason the one I got as a replacement does not had such an issue, but now that I have an own one this issue is back.
    Since the rift works fine, I pretty much believe that this must be caused by any weird setting or somethings.

    what I did so far:
    - I already checked in device manager whether the rift is able to force a reboot or force a wake up which does not apply for both options.
    - I checked in System Properties/advanced the startup and recovery Options, automatic restart is disabled.
    - tried several USB Ports
    I´ve got no further ideas.

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