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Rift CV1 automatically changes Windows default audio device

lm7nynelm7nyne Posts: 10
Every time I put on the hmd the windows default audio device changes to Rift headphones. I have tried playing with different settings, including Advanced sound options in Windows sound settings to no avail. I thought Google would be my friend but all I could find was other people with this problem over the last few years with no answers. 


  • lm7nynelm7nyne Posts: 10
    I still have not been able to figure out a solution to this problem and its starting to get annoying having to switch my default audio device back after using the Oculus. 
  • F4CEpa1mF4CEpa1m Posts: 154
    You can use the free Oculus Tray Tool app yo tell your PC when and when not to switch the audio device.  Also had a handful of other handy features  :] 
  • lm7nynelm7nyne Posts: 10
    I know it can switch the default device to the rift but does it have a setting to automatically switch audio back? 
  • RiftkevRiftkev Posts: 1
    Yes, there is a setting in OTT that allows you to revert back to pc speakers after you stop oculus from running.
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