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Random white pixels in Oculus browser - hardware issue?

f_thomasf_thomas Posts: 2
I occasionally have random white dots at the left and right end of the view if the Go is swivelled horizontally. They flash up briefly and disappear. But only in the Oculus browser and only if pages with a lot of animated content and 3D video are loaded. No other app is affected. I thought it might be a limitation of the hardware or a problem of the Go's firmware - but on the other hand the problem seems temperature-related. The issue appears after intensive use (first timer's use: testing apps, videos, internet) and gets worse. On the other hand, intensive use could lead to memory fragmentation etc. and might have effect by other means than temperature. Before I return the Go for a replacement: Has anybody else noticed such an issue in the Oculus browser? In addition to random white noise, ocassionally odd frames appear while swivelling horizontally if the Go is in that state (as if a frame is rendered too late: the display briefly jumps left or right).

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