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Cyber-VR-Net coming to VR

tonsta31tonsta31 Posts: 271 Oculus Start Member
edited November 2019 in Games and Apps
Hey all I am excited to announce our upcoming game, Although we have had side projects (Star-wars for RR and Mods etc..) Our main game has always been the focus and now feel we can announce it.

What is Cyber-VR-Net?
Cyber-VR-Net is a story driven game based in the future and how it was perceived in the 80's, Humans can now be upgraded using implants and robotics, robots walk among us and inevitably there is a race to be the best.
You play as Kane a new recruit with the resistance, who lives in Hope Town, a small town hidden and unknown to most. It is here where you live, eat, upgrade and enjoy entertainment.
The resistance has one clear mission, Take back Hope City which is run by E:01 a robot using the newest AI software and restore life and harmony.

Key Features of the game:

- Upgrades - These include eye upgrades, arm upgrades and items like shields, ammo types and weapons.
- Explore Hope Town - Here you will find your apartment, upgrades, nightclub and people to talk too.
- Travel between Hope city and Hope Town to complete missions.
- COOP will be coming to the game shortly after release along with MP aspects.
- Take on Hope City police, gangsters, scavengers and more.
- Progression story with hidden loot crates (NOT paid always free) get special and rare upgrades and weapons.
- Hope town will eventually be a hub that many players will spawn into, meet new people (real players), talk with them and even go to the nightclub together.
- Enjoy exciting missions gradually getting harder with the more upgrades you get.
- Interact with a living Town.

Q & A

Q. What do you mean by upgrades?
A. You will be able to upgrade your arms adding a shield, small weapons, higher power and more

Q. When is the game going to be released? (Est)
A. second quarter 2020

Q. How long will the campaign be
A. WE are confident there will be hours to enjoy the campaign, not including the multiplayer aspect.

Q. How many Weapons will there be?
A. There will be an abundance of weapons along with different ammo types too.

Q. How will COOP work?
A. You will be able to meet people in the Town and invite them to play through the campaign with you with scaling difficulty.

Q. Is there level progression?
A. Not as such but you will increase and add to your upgrades for instance you can upgrade your eye implants to highlight enemies

Q. Is this an asset flip?
A. NO although we have used purchased assets we change them significantly to create a new world.

Q. Loot Crates? so this means money then?
A. Not at all, all the loot crates are free to open you can either earn the keys or find them, also many crates will be hidden and can be opened if found.

and so much more.

Pics are from early progress on the town.

Many Thanks

We are now on Patreon!

Feel free to have a look around as there are some nice special offfers.

Owner of MGSStudios


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