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How do you use the SFX modules?

SatconcookSatconcook Posts: 12
Haven't really played around in the Home much lately but yesterday I decided to check out the PTC scaling. I also grabbed all of my notification items and noticed I had some new SFX items in there. They come out as physical speakers with a 50 and a +/- on them, but I can't figure out how to make them work. By their description they look like they were introduced for Halloween but I hear nothing from them. I don't see any other options with them. 

Different question, but still on the audio tab, can you not use any other soundscapes other than the room they are made for?


  • Bix_ByteBix_Byte Posts: 8
    Knock knock!
    Same question about new SFX effect: how to hear the sound!?!?
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