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Oculus Home: Difficulties to navigate through menu's

Lange_666Lange_666 Posts: 9
Aquired a Rift S a few days ago i'm having issues with the menu in the Home software part.
I was looking for a manual but i can't find and also Youtube ain't much help. Al i could find there are video's on how to create a Home.
But that i don't need, i'm looking for info on how use these and how to navigate through them.

Let's start at "Places":
- The "Popular" folder gives a list of recent popular Homes. I see 2 homes per line (lines are: Now active, Notable, Recommended) + the edge of 3th home on each line and I can scroll up/down but how do i scroll left right to fully see the thirth one (or maybe even more)?
- Online: I only see my own home(s) in online. What exactly does "Online" mean (it would be nice to have a manual where i could find these things instead of asking them here).
- Favorites: I guess i can add some favorite homes under this folder but then I nowhere see the option to add to favorites as i would expect

Also, i've seen a few video's where one can grab a home and then smash the sphere the home turns into. Does this still work this way. I can point and click (grab) to load a home but it never turns into a sphere.


  • Lange_666Lange_666 Posts: 9
    Lange_666 said:
    - Favorites: I guess i can add some favorite homes under this folder but then I nowhere see the option to add to favorites as i would expect.
    Also, somehow a Favorite Home (which is not favorite to be exact) has entered the favorites folder. But no option to remove. So how?
  • ijediijedi Posts: 1
    I searched the first 6 pages just looking at titles of each post and decided this was the most relevant and I can't scroll another 700 pages to find something more accurate.  I'm on the Oculus Rift S, so some of these points relate directly to that.

      I noticed while playing beat saber that I would accidently push one of the menu buttons on my controller temporarily pausing my game on accident. I like the options where a long press would activate the dashboard or double pressing would switch to RL cameras so you can look around on the Rift S (nice touch on that). I'd like to see single presses on the menu buttons phased or optioned out; there's still the long press on the left button, double tap of the left button, and maybe pressing both left and right menu buttons at the same time to trigger a function.
      The one thing single press might be good for is quick "calibration" of the camera and/or controllers where pressing the right menu button would reset the camera view to an "origin view" (looking straight and level); this would be helpful if I happened to pass the headset and controllers to a friend to play who is significantly different in height, or I'd like to switch the the direction of where I'm facing in real life without it affecting the native direction of the game (hopefully that makes sense). Reset view on the dashboard is similar in option but inconvenient to explain to a new comer on the Oculus.

    Another thing I've noticed is the viewer display on the desktop. the display will show the user's view on the desktop while in the game, but cuts out when jumping to it home area? But I'd like the display to show the user's view no matter if they're in the game or not, which would help when I'm trying to explain to someone about how to find something without needing to switch players just so I can find a menu option.
      That display should also be windowed on the desktop so I can change the screen size if need be or even closed out, where I would be able to reopen it through the Oculus app on the desktop. There's an issue where if you leave a game and put down the headset the viewer is just black but pressing escape doesn't do anything, and I have ot alt+tab out and essentially restart the app itself to get it back to normal.

    A button on the app in the desktop app to shutdown or "sleep" the headset and controllers would also be helpful so the pc knows to turn off the controllers to save battery and turn off the screen on the headset when it's not being used.

    In terms of the original topic in this thread, a manual would be helpful as I agree navigating the controls for the first time can be confusing (specifically finding the guardian application to reset the play area, the reset button on the dashboard), and I have yet to figure out everything the Oculus can do aside from the games from the library.
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