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Streaming/sharing/broadcasting 360 content between 2+ Oculus go

McPavanMcPavan Posts: 1
Hello gang,
I started shooting weddings with a 360 camera but been struggling to show samples of my work to potential client.

So far I just wear the headset, play the video and then pass on the Oculus to the client. 
This is cumbersome, breaks the immersion and all in all it would be far better if I could have a second Go to which I could broadcast whatever video I'm looking at on mine.

Can I do this on Go? Are there any apps for that?
Any help is really appreciated.


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 355
    I don't think you can. There is an app called Vtime that allows you to share 360 photos, but I don't think it supports videos.
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