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Left lens on CV1 isnt working properly

the.epic.wrapperthe.epic.wrapper Posts: 2
I got my headset about a year ago and it hasn't had that many problems, but yesterday I started up a games and it worked for a while but then the left eye freaked out. it seems like the backlight went to max and the display stopped updating. the right eye worked just fine though. I have no Idea if this is a software or hardware issue, and I don't know how to fix this. is anyone else having this issue so we can determine if its a software or hardware issue? thanks!


  • parsecnparsecn Posts: 105
    I've had 1 single lens go black at launching various games or when transitioning between load points within games, but a quit and restart always resolves. I've also had my entire display go black (both lenses) and again, a restart usually fixes. You might try removing and reseating any of your cables to PC or extensions. Uninstall and reinstall your vid card drivers. Beyond that, contact support who can better direct. 
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