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Oculus Rift S - Restart oculus app problem and unable to make purchases

Ok peeps. I have had the oculus rift a for just over a week. I am about ready to return it. 

Every time I boot up my PC I have to spend 20 minutes trying to get the headset to be recognised by the oculus app. I get the Red Cross symbol in device properties and the statement ‘oculus software restart required’. Whenever I restart it, it does nothing. 

I have tried different things (including switching off windows 10 camera access and back on again) but nothing specific seems to sort it. 

I have to unplug the headset, restart the computer a couple times and eventually it may connect again. But it is a pain as it takes so long!

additionally I have made a couple purchases in the store but now whenever I try I type my pin in and click on ‘purchase’. The button greys out but it then freezes and the purchase is never completed!

This experience has made it unusable. 

Anyone have any solutions?
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