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How to stop Quest from shutting the screen off after removing it from face?

BulotrexBulotrex Posts: 2
Let me explain in detail what my problem is:
Me and my business partner bought 6 Oculus Quest because we built a VR Truck for realstate events, fairs, birthdays and etc here in Brazil. We also bought a 42" tv, new chromecast and a 5.0ghz router to cast what people are playing and everything works perfectly, the only problem i am having is the fact that the quest shuts off the screen and cuts the transmission off when i remove it from peoples faces and i want it to keep transmiting.
Some people are not tech savy and i want to start the trasmission before putting the quest on them so i can see what they are seeing and direct them to click the right buttons, but if i do that, the moment i remove it from my face the screen shuts off and the transmission is cut. So i have to blindly direct them to click "sharing", then "casting", them ask them to click "chromecast" in the list and then "confim". Only then i can see what they see. Elderly people or kids are having trouble to do that since is their first time with vr.
I want it to not shut the screen off when i remode it from my face or, at least, to keep transmiting. The only option i see in the settings that i can change is to detect my face when i put it on, but there is no option to stop it from shutting the screen off when i remove it.
Is there a way around to help me? Or will this be in a future update? I dont see this as somethig too complex to be done.

Sorry for my english and cheers from Brazil!

Renato Martinelli


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,554 Volunteer Moderator
    edited November 2019
    The easiest method is to put a little piece of tape (not transparent) or something over the sensor (in the centre above your eyes). Once that's on there, the sensor will think someone is always wearing the headset. Peel it off when you want to shut the Quest off.
  • BulotrexBulotrex Posts: 2
    Thanks, man! Going to try that today
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