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My Oculus Quest

denis.mouton.7denis.mouton.7 Posts: 1
On Oct. 9th my Quest died (no power light - not charging - would not turn on).  My first contact with "[email protected]" issued ticket #881348.  After giving them all my information, copy of my purchase receipt (from Oculus), serial number on box, photos, etc., On Oct. 10th Clinton said, we are replacing the entire Oculus Quest and I would have to send the unit and all accessories back in the original box and that they would send me a return label within 3 business days.  On Oct 17th I still did not receive the return shipping label so I sent Clinton another email (the support number has now changer to #888538).  They asked me to check my spam / junk folder, I did that nothing.  On Oct. 18th JamesR sent the return label.  I shipped the unit out that day with everything in the original box. Fedex gave me delivery receipt that it was received Oct. 24th.  On Oct. 25th (the support number again changed to #896689) Amie says it normally takes 3-5 business days for you replacement to be shipped. 
and said "You should receive a shipping confirmation email once your replacement order has processed.  On Oct. 31st Sheana says "appreciate you patience and will contact you back in 1-2 business days. On Nov. 5th (the support number again changed to #902352) JamesB says he has reached out to our warehouse and am waiting for additional information from them. When I have more info I will get back to you as quickly as possible.  It is now Nov. 8th, one month that I'm trying to get "Customer Support" for my Oculus Quest.
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