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Can this be used by a ‘disabled’ person?

Buying this for my daughter, who has a condition called Functional Neurological Disorder. She subsequently has no use of her legs or left hand. The controlled can be attached to her lower left arm, but she will not be able to press any buttons on the left controller. She is currently in a wheelchair. 

Are there still VR games and experience Apps that would be suitable? Thanks.


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,802 Volunteer Moderator
    The Go might be a more suitable headset in this situation. It only has a single controller which can be set to either a left or right hand. All Go software is made for one handed use, and there's a fair amount of it. It is also more comfortable (at least to me). Since the Go has no position tracking (it knows it you look around, but not if you physically move position), it won't care if the user is seated or not.

    Although the Quest is definitely a better headset in many ways (real movement tracking, better games, etc). But I don't know how many experiences would work without buttons on both hands, or how many won't need moving around. I don't have much on my Quest yet (I mainly do PC vr).
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  • davepohldavepohl Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply. The problem is, part of the reason for buying this is that she needs to get her left arm/hand involved. The brain needs to learn to accept that her left hand is still part of her - FND has effectively fooled the brain in detaching her unused hand from her body....VR, I believe, will be of great use in training her brain’s a VERY complex condition. Read about her here
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