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Audio Crackling/Popping Noise

I got my Oculus Rift S like a week ago and for some reason the second i tried it for the first time it started making these Crackling/Popping sounds and even if i use any headset or so it keeps making the noise. Idk if this is something i only have runned into, if someone also have this issue or fixed it please let me know so i can get some answers of this.


  • skaftiswag69skaftiswag69 Posts: 1
    This also happened to me when i first got the rift s but it went away when i used it a second time that same day
  • philippe.heroux.58philippe.heroux.58 Posts: 51
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited November 2019
    I just recieved my Rift S today and the audio coming from the headphones is crackling and popping non-stop.
    UPDATE: I was asked by support to return the unit for a replacement.
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